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Richard  Howells

Richard Howells

Managing Director

After graduation in 1974, I began my career in the electrical utility business. I started as a helper, became a lineman, a team leader, and ended my career as a Regional Manager. 

In 2002 while meeting with my financial advisor, she encouraged me to explore the opportunities of becoming a financial advisor. After much consideration I decided to make the change. I started my career going door to door introducing myself. It was not an easy mountain to climb. Some of my first contacts are still clients today. 

I pride myself on my work ethic, being honest and putting my client’s goals first. I strive to build long lasting relationships built on trust. Having 20 years experience I am able to provide expertise for my clients with decisions around money matters, personal finances and investments. I stay committed to my personal and professional growth to serve my clients through all the stages of life.